Why E-commerce For Me

Why E-Commerce?

E-commerce is exciting because it allows freedom.

Freedom to work from where you want as long as you have WiFi and a laptop.

I was sitting in Bali in 2015, over my current job, and wanted a change.

That's where this really started to get me excited - so I started researching.

Currently, I can work from anywhere in the world and I wish that for everyone.

Here's a few fun facts about E-Commerce

  • 8/10 Australians have shopped online already
  • Australian E-Commerce market is valued at 35.2 Billion Dollars
  • You can make money while you sleep
  • It's cheap to start up

I believe in having the skills that are tailored towards the future and shopping, and that's online from your mobile, anytime of the day.


  • Do you understands the pros of E-commerce in today's world
  • Are you across the current E-commerce trends and projected market growth
  • Have you grasped the importance of understanding how e-commerce could work for you